What are some of the services the company provides?

It's Your Money is a tax preparation service for both individuals and small businesses. We also offer bookkeeping services and complete payroll services.

Why should I hire a tax preparation company?

Tax laws are constantly changing. Tax preparation companies are required to stay up-to-date on these changes. Credits and deductions can easily be overlooked. The recent Economic Impact Payments are an example. Did you receive the full amount you are entitled to? If not, our office is prepared to help you with this. We carefully go over the entire return with you before we electronically file the returns. Without careful review common mistakes such as missing or inaccurate Social Security Numbers, misspelled names, incorrect filing status, math mistakes, and missing or incorrect bank account numbers if you want a direct deposit are overlooked and filed. These mistakes cause rejections and delay refunds.

Can you assist me in getting caught up in back taxes?

Yes. We have helped many delinquent filers get back on track with a minimum of effort in most cases. Gather up what you have in the way of W-2s, itemized deductions, business records and give us a call. Delinquent filers tell us all the time what a great relief to finally be up-to-date.

I recently purchased a home; can you be of assistance?

Yes. Be sure to gather up the final closing statement, mortgage interest paid for the year and property taxes paid. Then give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you get all the tax benefits you are entitled to as a new home owner.

When should I consider tax planning services?

The first goal of tax planning is a comfortable retirement. So tax planning should begin early. And since there are so many retirement vehicles out there you will want the one that is best for you. A tax planning service can help you with this. But, a tax planning service is not a one-time thing. As you begin to accumulate assets it becomes more and more important to know how to preserve your wealth.

How long have you been in business?

I have been involved in taxes since 1986. First as a Revenue Agent for the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years and then as the owner of It's Your Money, Inc. for the last 21 years.

Where are you located?

We are located in Scappoose, Oregon, right off Hwy 30. You can google us or call for directions. Either way, we are easy to find and here to serve you.